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Nishiki No Mai

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Nishiki No Mai Empty Nishiki No Mai

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:23 am

Well...there wasn't any lyrics and I couldn't find any on google so I guessed out the story and this is what I got. I don't speak japanese and its not lyrics, its a poem short story thingy I did. I think this is what the story is about and don't critzice me too hard, cause I know nothing about poetry and short stories and I just wrote it. Anyway...Read the poem short story thingy then watch the video..

Nishiki no Mai

The moon and the night knows only of this tale.
Mysterious shadowy figure with a glowing blue eye.
A glowing blue eyed man and a beautiful red eyed girl.
A cup of sake, will make this reuion complete.
"I can feel a presence in the wind."

Long long time ago in a small village
Lived a handsome husband and his beautiful wife.
Then one day a man with glowing blue eyes.
Terroized the land and killed the husband and villagers.
Leaving just the wife.

Her soul tainting with pure rage and sorrow.
Her soul is not there anymore.
Pure white has turned to empty black.

She carries herself with the wind
entering the blue eyed man's lair

"Please take a drink of Sake." He said.

She held it in her hands, about to take a drink.

A concealed knife held to his throat.

Blue eyed man, was defintely prepared.
Ninjas were hired to take the raging eyed wife.

Yet so was the woman.
Slicing down those who got in her way.
Bloodstaining, eyes turning a brighter red.

Both are charging toward each other.
The one who won this round was the girl.

Then something happened, the man grinned happily.
Put his hand under her chin.
Girl trapped into a trance, her eyes glowing bright red.

Something transfered between the two.

The girls eyes went back to normal for a second
Then started to glow blue.

Blue eyed man, with no more glow in his eyes.
Blue eyed man with a confused expression.
Wondering about the knife, that's in his chest.
Its like he woke up from a deep sleep.

The girl came behind and hugged him silently.
Blue eyed man turning into Sakura petals.

Now the blue glowing eyed girl smiles wickdely.

The light of the moon, makes a shadow.
The girls shadow, is one of not herself.
But has the same blue glowing eyes.

Long long time ago
A man with red glowing eyes of rage
Stood before a shadowy figure of glowing blue eyes.
Both with swords in their hands, prepared to fight.
The man took the first strike.
He fell into the same trance.
His eyes glowing blue.

Seems like there was not one but two victims.
Fell into the hands of dark, and therefore became

captured and turned into the dark.

The moon and night only know of this tale..
And now you know too.

Yes, another Vocaloid video, but this one is a pretty cool PV. Which has my fav character Gackpo in it.

I posted this on Fanfiction, but this version is slightly diffrent.


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