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Nanette Cover incomplete

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Nanette Cover incomplete Empty Nanette Cover incomplete

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:27 am

What Ariane is going to become in order to work undercover, Nanette is completely made up by Ariane.

Name: Nanette le Chateau (Castle)

Physical Age: 16

Actual Age: 16

Race: Vampire

Job/what they do:student/Vampire

Junior Student [JS] - A human student who is in their third year of attending Cross Academy.

Level D Vampire [LDV] - Ex Humans who are somewhat stable and bound to their creator, but will become EVs unless they take their creator's blood or tamed by the VHA (though the process will only be delayed).

Image: Her skin is a light brown, while her hair is a very wavy dark red.

personality: Nanette loves to have things her way. She is also sadistic, which she thinks is just playing. She listens to no one but will be willing to be make an alliance and listen to someone's idea. If she finds someone annoying, irratating or just not worth her time she will play with them or simply just insult them in some way. She is not the type to talk about her past and even if she did her telling the truth about it depends on the person she is talking to.
Nanette in battle will do anything she can to make sure she wins. She doesn't believe that battles have any type of rules or morales and are just barriers to keep people from becoming stronger.

Uniquenes: Nothing for now.


The beginning

Nanette was born in the woods by her make-up artist
and art teacher mother and her teacher, Father. Both have disappeared from society. She does not know their true names either or about their family. Nanette was raised in the woods and homeschooled in the woods. (Which consisted of art lessons, stealing lessons, science, math, english, history, acting, langauge and more) When she went outside it was mostly to do something or get something for her family, while acting a certain way or wearing certain clothes or having her face changed. During one of these outings Nanette decided to run away from home, finding her everyday life boring. From there on she lived mostly on stolen items, her parents had taught her well and she soon surpassed them. Nanette grew up using many different aliases, faces and personalities. Eventually she forgot her true self.

Oh how boring, so many different faces. I think I'll just have one!

Around the age of 14 Nanette got tired of playing different personalities and decided to make one last new one which she decided will be one that she will be for the rest of her life. And thus Nanette was created!
Though Nanette was still practically invisble to society. That is until she met a vampire one day at night. There was something about him that she believed, caught her intrest. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it wasn't until he got her alone and bit her that she realized that her feeling may be fear. She was frozen now and could not move, but she could close her eyes which she did. Nanette then waited and waited with her eyes closed until she realized that his fangs weren't on her neck anymore. She opened them and saw a pile of dust and a pureblood, who was taking something from the pile of dust. It glinted in the moonlight.
Nanette quickly realized it was a jewel. To her it was the most beautiful jewel she had ever seen. She didn't realize she was staring at the jewel. Until the vampire said. "Heirloom." Nanette blinked and within her mind she smiled a bit. I want that she thought. And I know just how to get it. She then asked the vampire, assuming that the vampire was human, if they could help her out in someway. She has been living on the streets for years and has always fell trap to men like him and if the vampire hadn't saved her then she might've been dead. She then continues on by saying that she is entirely grateful and if there is anything she can do to repay them back. And then out of pure curiosity she asks them what happened to the man anyway and why is there a pile of dust. The vampire replies that the man is the dust. Nanette swallowed and immdiately began to think that maybe it was not a good idea. She then commented on how the vampire must have some type of power. The vampire then walks up to her and tells her that they need a new servant and since she did said she will do anything to pay them back.
And so she became a servant.
Skipping some time. Nanette is a servant who has never been seen by anyone but the vampire. She does learn eventually who the vampire is and begins to think of how boring human life is. She then asks to be turned, completely forgetting that she wanted the jewel.

Nanette is then turned into a vampire and her transformation is slow. She is not a full vampire until she is around the age of 16. She is then finally allowed to walk out and is taken to some city where the vampire has business at. She eats at a cafe and hears about Cross Academy. Once she is back home she asks if she can join Cross Academy. To this the vampire replies that Cross Academy is the reason why they came to the city in the first place and that she is already registered.

Rp sample: (Small 3 sentences of how your rp and please try to keep it Vampire Knight themed)


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