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Carophilia Kuran wip

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Carophilia Kuran wip Empty Carophilia Kuran wip

Post by Carophilia Masaki on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:29 pm

Name: Carophilia Masaki

Physical Age: 17

Actual Age: 300

Race: Vampire

Job/what they do: Vampire

Rank: Level A Vampire

Image: Carophilia Kuran wip Gray

personality: Carophilia is secretive about her self. She will only open up to vampires like Miroku. She wants Miroku to accept her so she'd be very trustworthy. Showing kindness and sweet towards the prefect. An opposing behavior was parallel to that of the Day students for she gets very cold towards the vampire hunters. Vampires would often describe her as softspoken. But do they no that she is very witty and would calculate deep inside in her ways of thinking of a plan up to make anything work for her.

She is awfully shy around other vampires. She just adores Miroku from the bottom of her heart. She is awfully shy around the students of Cross Academy because she doesn't know how to deal and because she doesn't know what to say to them unless they would start a conversation. She doesn't talk much because she doesn't get along with people much, awkward but the truth, she's always speaks about Miroku in the highest regards, and of course, the vampire hunters in the lowest regards. She is often seen with a notebook in hand because when it comes schoolwork she is serious. She can change from being a sweet girl to being coldhearted girl if it completes the mission of killing off level E
If you'd know her more, you'll see that Carophilia is cheerful, active, strongly competitive, resourceful, who feels people’s pain and feels what they feel in their hearts. You might also find out about her special talent - she reads several moves ahead at the same time..

Uniquenes: She has a tattoo underneath her right eye.
Biography: ~Born from a pure-blood heritage and the only daughter of Haininyora and Kanirnya Masaki, Carophilia Kuran is a vampire student of the Night Class in Cross Academy. Ever since her childhood days, she was taught to value respect and dignity. She held discipline to the highest regards amongst all her vampire brothers, infact it almost matched the ettiquetes of her parents. Her meticulous, neat, and behaved attitude brought smiles to her families, especially to her parent’s proud faces – it was a success for them to have raised a child with splendid, exquisite and organized manners. Everything was perfect during her childhood life, she was the star, the snowflake (name it) in the family, always earning the spotlight, and had been envied by her brethrens. And there she smiled and bowed with elegance, grace – gestures of poise that had an approach of humbility. This life of perfection didn’t last though, well not until a plot - a devious one, grown from hearts filled with hatred – had aroused and beckoned her unexpected downfall. You might ask how and why did she bite in the bait? Well, its because it was from her beloved brothers.

Dating back that day, years ago, when she was running, trying hard to keep up with her brother’s pace, on a long dark alley under the watchful eye of the moon in the central heart of Haboldeux. Her heart pounded fast, not because she was tired but instead excited, thrilled to see what her brother’s “great surprise” is. It was her eigth birthday and this present her brothers were about to show and give her was more than anything else she could receive that day because it was unusual of her brothers to do something like this on her brithday, she was touched - shrugging of the everlasting worries of her thoughts that they hated her. So she ran and ran and ran, with a speed of sixty miles per hour while her brothers, being the older ones, were at the eighty’s. When they arrived the destination – a huge underground – she saw a passageway her brother’s were pointing at. It was dark inside, she didn’t dare to enter (guess, the vampire kids are scared of the dark aswell), not until she heard the eldest speak. “Its in there” and alas she entered. A decision that led to her demise. Claw-like and cadaverous hands appeared, tens of them! No! even more! Binding her body and dragging her all the way at the edge way back further at the dark, where she slowly, while turning her head back, saw her brother’s images fading.

A bite. From here and there sucking her blood. Vampires to vampires. How they loved the taste of “pure blood”~
Madness aroused from a pair of glowing blood red eyes. A berserk state or we could say a state of trance had vibrated from the pure-blood's body. With a blink of an eye, the what-seemed-to-be helpless girl disappeared. Another blink she was behind, blink again and she was infront. Wailing screams echoed, blood splattered, heads flew decapitated from their bodies. Just that easy.

Justice was served? Think again. Carophilia left the place and the nightmare but as a different person. It was her will to be sent to Cross Academy. To learn to become something strong. She believed that the answer lies there. The answer to her goal - Revenge.[/i]

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Carophilia Masaki
Carophilia Masaki

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