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Lyrics of Yuki

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Lyrics of Yuki Empty Lyrics of Yuki

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:29 am

I'm not really that good at singing or song writing and yet I continue to do both. I don't know why, I guess you can say that I enjoy it...but I have a feeling that these are terrible and yet I want to share it. Its weird...

Here are lyrics that are suppose to be in Japanese and are English translated.

Corene Opening theme:

My world has suddenly changed in front of me
The things I see I don't see anymore
My perspective turned around.
A happy smile into a frown.
My world turned, my life turned. And why?
Why must I go on these harsh trials?
Why must I struggle for survival?
I miss those days of the old world.

The reason why its short is cause most of the time when an opening is viewed in english its always cut short. This is the opening lyrics for my book Corene in cause if it gets famous and I'll need to do the same thing as the author of Kodocha and need to write lyrics for the opening. Well I thought why not make it short anyway since its going to get cut short anyway?

Corene ending:

The endings of Corene are mostly focused on one character and their perspective. For the Corene ending is Corene themed. I think I gave away some spoilers..oh well. Also the last of all ending songs is also Corene themed.

I walk a path that I didn't even choose.
Have no control No will over it
No matter how many times I tried
Going back or turning to a side.
I keep finding myself with the same ending.
For someone had already decided to seal my fate.

My plans for the Corene themes is to have scenes from episodes show since not many shows do that anymore...


These are songs also english but are going to be Japanese. These are for my Utau.

System error:
The story is a virus that has gotten into an Utau's program and the feelings of the Utau. Lare's version is suppose to be sung first.
During one of the verses I do this ~ ~ ~ to remind me that the tune is different from the chorus or verse and to go slow.

I'm starting to loose myself
Being taken over
with a lot of errors.
Now I can't sing the songs you made.
Tears streaming down my face.
I don't like where I am right now.

Oh please
Don't say I'm not feeling anything
Oh please
believe me when I say I'm crying right now
Yes I have emotions and I defintely don't like
My system having a lot of errors.

~ ~ ~
I'm malfunctioning now.
Programing refusin to close out.
I'm being swallowed whole
as darkness engulfs me.
Eaten up by errors
I see no more light
~ ~ ~

Oh please
Don't forget about me
Oh please
Keep my memory alive
Its okay to get a new program
I won't mind
My system is deleting itself cause of the errors.

I wake up to find myself in a beautiful place
I hear music somewhere
Its a melody I well know
I find my voice comming back to me
As I sing this song.

Thank you
for redownloading me
I promise
That I won't be so easily to defeat
So please can you make another song for
me to sing?

Utau Tetris:
The story of this is a game like virus has entered each and every one of the Utaus program and is now playing games with them. Lare's game is Tetris and she sings this song as she plays for her life and her friends lives.

The tune to this song is this:

Instead of Lare let's play tetris motherf_er, I decided to have her say:Another game? Tetris?!

Another game? Tetris?!!

Let's play a game of Utau Tetris
Use our weapons to move the blocks
You can even destory them
Or go super to

Let's play a game of Utau Tetris
If you lose then we lose an utau
So come on and get those blocks match
And surely we will win.

Make sure you get to the amount of points
this game wants you to get to.

We were sucked into this game by a Utau game virus

Now we're playing with our lives
Make sure you do not loose.
The game of utau tetris
is more real than you think.

link to tune:

Songs that are meant to be in english

I can't decide to call it: Realiztion of past, Past realization, or do you know what you've done?

The darkness I put myself in
I dig deeper into an abyss
I fill it up with tears
that I cried

Your silent voice telling me
Everything will be okay
It won't take so long
and hurt a second

Do you realize what you done?
Everything you thought was fun
was defintely not okay
the games that you played

Do you know what you did?
You tortured a kid
Your sight of right and wrong
must be disorted
(A messed up vision a messed up mind)

Yet for some reason
I paid no attention to it
Maybe I was just naive?

I remeber a time smiles turned to tears
upon my very own face
Made you doubt your place

Do you see your wrongs?
Almost everything you've done
Resulted in pain, suffering and tears
I wonder if its because of old peers.

You gave me fears
every now and then
I thought you liked seeing my tears
Your smiling face was so wrong
After my painful song

Wel you know no
Yet you gave no apology
you feel so much
pain and guilt
I torn down all the things you built
Now I am free
I am light
I'm not afraid of the night.


Love me Forever:
Its a song written for two utau
Orginally meant for Citrus and Lare, but can also be for Dou and Fa, Miso twins (not as brother and sister in the song though, like the kagamine twins)
I've posted art for this on Deviantart just put down Utau Love me Forever in your search box and you'll find the art and the story.

Love me
love me
love me
love me forever

This a girl I love
But she's so far away
hardly see her
But two time this year.
And I'm hoping that
one day she'll say:

Love me forever.
I love you you so much.
Just wondering
Do you love me?
So do you love me?

Every time
I try to win her heart.
I always come back with nothing at all.
And then I find out.
She's in love with my elder sibling.
Who's just fakin the love.

I don't want her to hurt.
I don't want her to cry.
Cause he doesn't love her.
He loves her caretaker.

Love me forever
Don't break my heart.
I love you so so much.
Just wondering
Do you love me?
Are you fakin it?

So I decided to get a potion.
Have her fall for me.
Sign a contract
and wait impatiently.

What I didn't know
is that my impatience
had messed up the potion.

That damn socerer gave it to me anyway.
And I took it thinking it was okay.

I slipped the potion in her drink
Then she becomes madly in love with me.
She then starts obessing.

Love me Forever
I have lost my mind.
I love you obessively
Just wondering
Do you love me?
Find me creepy?
No- yeah..

I isloated him
Took him away
Didn't want anyone to see him.
Break off his leg
Trapping him, taking care of my baby.

Do you love me?
I have made a mistake

I couldn't believe
everything that I've done.
I try to reverse it all.
Do you know what I got?
I got its what you deserve.
Better fix it on your own.

I see her crying
prochin at the door
But once she sees me
laughs like a maniac.
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?


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