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Abilities of my own

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Abilities of my own Empty Abilities of my own

Post by Tsunayoshi Sawada on Fri May 28, 2010 4:34 pm


Name: Taken

Description: It summons human like shadowy beings to this world, it can also possess objects, and bats. By biting my prey nameley human`s i steal there shadow, i can at most summon about 10 of them at the same time (in transformed state) in normal shape i can only summon 3 of them, they hold weapons such as axes, knifes, motorsaw etc, its main and only weakness is light, it cant be summoned during the day unless inside and its dark, the shadowy beings are very sensitive to darkness as well as the possessed objects and Bats, as long as there is darkness these shadowy beings will stay unless i command them to do otherwise. When ever this ability is activated it seems to affect the light, trying to put it out, light bulbs, candles etc

Apperance: it is hard to really make anything out of these shadowy beings, as if they bleed like ink in the water, or a cloud of blood after a shark bite, bleeding shadows in other words, the same goes for the possessed objects, everything the light touches will burn/explode into ashes, for an exeption to the Shadowy beings, they will not dissapear by simply pulling a flashlight at them, a more powerful light source will be needed...


Name: Instant Regeneration

Description: During the transformed state Aarón can regenerate any lost limbs even eyes, however he cant regenerate inner organs like lungs or the heart.

Apperance:in his transformed state when ever he loses a limb he can regrow it in seconds, from blood vessels to muscles and skin tissue...


Name: Lightning spear

Description: He can create it when ever he is in his transformed state, one in each hand at most, as long as he holds onto it, it wont dissapear, he can toss it towards his target, it inflicts severe damage and nub the area it cuts, he can pull this out when ever he wants just by absorbing lightning particles from the atmopshere around him, as long as it does not touch anything else than its target it wont dissapear, but if it hits a wall of some kind it will dissapear assuming hes not holding onto it, he can also with this same ability give a small shock against his opponent and all that is requierd to do is that he cant touch his opponent with his hand, the shock however is minor and hard to even notice, but will act as a transreciever to the spear, and once tossed towards the target it will follow where ever the target goes as it is lunged towards the foe, it no longer goes a straight line but avoids hitting anything else than its target assuming the electric current does not dissapear, which it does eventually.

Apperance: a white/golden colored spear that easily cuts trough flesh and bone, but once in contact with for an example: a tree it will explode quietly while giving out some sparks
Tsunayoshi Sawada
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Abilities of my own Empty Re: Abilities of my own

Post by Clous on Sat May 29, 2010 7:25 am

Seems well enough. I'll approve for now but becareful with those shadow dudes.

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Abilities of my own Clous

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