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Not really good, but I hope I'm getting better.....

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Not really good, but I hope I'm getting better..... Empty Not really good, but I hope I'm getting better.....

Post by azoth on Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:38 am

Chapter Zero

“AZOTH! GET UP! YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” said a high pitched voice that jolted me from my deep slumber. I looked around, I was in my bedroom, lying on the floor in front of my bed. I was facing my TV, so I had to turn my body round so I could see my bedroom door. My grandmother was standing in the doorway, already dressed. “COME ON! GET READY!” the same high pitched voice from before, came out of my grandmother’s mouth.
“I’m up….. I’m up, OK?” I said, getting up sluggishly. I walked to wards the door, and closed it in her face, and locked it, before she could reply. “I know, I know. I’ll be quick.” I said with a yawn. I walked across my room to my dresser, which is besides my TV. My TV is in a wardrobe, don’t ask me why. The is a gigantic mirror that sits on my dresser. I opened up one of the drawers, and toke out a plain black shirt. I rested the shirt on my bed, which is right in front of the dresser, and closed the drawer. I opened up another and toke out blue jeans, and closed the drawer. I quickly put the shirt and jeans on, and looked at the mirror. My hair was a mess, but I don’t really care what my hair looks like, so I just run out my door, and out the house, grabbing my book bag on the way.
When I get outside, I start walking to the left. I was going to meet Kylar, and the rest of the gang, a few blocks down. I looked up, and started at the darkening sky. “Looks like rain…..” I said out loud, not really caring who heard me.
“Sure does.” said a young girly voice out of nowhere.
“Wah!” I jumped in surprise, wiping my head around, seeking out the source of where the voice came from. After a while I gave up and started to walk again. “Great, now I’m hearing things.” I said as I started to see six figures up ahead. I sighed, and push what was happened to the back of my head.

~ ~

Hello, my name is Azoth White. I’m just your normal day to day sixteen-year old. I have messy dark-brown hair, and I like to wear black shirts and jeans. I have six friends, and they are; Kylar West, a white male blonde, which is the one strongest teens in my school, he is on grade level below me. Mike Alan Cip, also know as Mac, the funny guy. He has brown curly hair, and he is a bit on the cubbish side, he is the same grade level as he. Rachel West, she has straight brown hair, and is Kylar’s older twin sister, she is in the same grade level, because she skipped a grade. She is the logical one of the group. She loves book, and she normal gets some of her books from me. Next is Sam Overton, he is the pranker of the group. He is always getting into some kind of trouble, he family to me, my cousin. He is in the same grade level as me. Then there is Ian West. He is the oldest out of the group. He is the strongest teen at my school. He is the jock/nerd of the group. He is always hurting himself playing sports, and he is the smartest teen in the grade level. He is the top student of the whole school, Rachel is always trying to beat him. The final friend is one that I had to force in. Mac, Kylar, and Sam were against her joining. But luckily, I had Ian and Rachel to support me. The outside’s name is Ri Hikuri. That isn’t her full name, but we call her Ri. She is a transfer student, and she is very shy. In fact, she is so shy, that she barely talks when she is with us. She carries drawing pads, and use them to reply to stuff we say. Her hair color is like mine for some reason, and it goes down her back. She, for some strange reason, is in all of my class . . . I never really got why.

~ ~

“Azo? You there?” said a voice that broke through my thoughts. I turned to wards the voice, the voice belonged to Rachel.
“What? What do you want Rachel?” I asked, with a sigh on the end. She handed me a book, and I slipped off my book bag. “New book, right. Want book four, right?” I said, taking the book, and putting it in my backpack, taking out the next book at the same time, holding it out to her.
“Thank you.” she said cheerfully, taking the book out of my hands. I gave a quick sigh, and zipped up my backpack, and slid it back on my back.
“You sigh too much man!” said a carefree voice. It was Kylar that was speaking. I stared at him with blank sleepy eyes. “So-rry.” Kylar said, giving up with a shrug.
“Wow! Look at that!” said Rachel looking up at the sky. We all stopped, and looked up as well. We saw a amazing sight, the sun turning blood red.
“What the hell?!?” Ian, Kylar, and Sam asked out loud. “This . . . can’t be happening!” Ian shouted.
We all heard screaming around us. Pain shot through my head. I yell out in anguish, as I fell to my knees, grabbing my head. I started see black spots, filling up my vision. I felt hands on me, pulling me up.
“Come ON! We need to get th- GAH!” I heard someone say, then a thud. The pain grew. I started to feel so cold. I heard more screaming and more thuds as the hands pulling me on disappeared, as I soon fell. The last thing I felt was coldness. So . . . very cold…..


Chapter One

“Welcome, my sweet.” said a voice, almost motherly. “Time to wake up, Azoth.” the voice said again. I slowly came to, and when I did, I felt soaring pain in my left hand, it felt like it was burning. I screamed, grabbing my burning hand, feeling that it was ice cold. I heard a sigh, and that when I opened my eyes. All around me was darkness. I looked down and saw I was sitting on ice. I toke a second look around me, and saw that I was in a cave made out of solely ice. In front of me was an angel with ice blue wings standing. My burning hand forgotten, I toke a step forward. The angel was female, and was the size of a normal human.
“I see that you’re awake, my sweet. You’ve been screaming for quiet a long time. I was starting to worry about you.” said the angel in that motherly voice, smiling, holding out her arms. Her wings expanded, and it looked like she wanted a hug. I slowly stepped into it, and when I was close enough, she wrapped her arms around me, and her wings closed in around me.
“I’ve been waiting, my husband.”
I went wide eyed. “Wha-” was all I managed to get out as my legs gave away, and my left hand flare up in pain.
“Hush, the pain will subside soon, I promise.” the angel said, holding me closer.
I stared down at my hand and saw that a blue circle glowing. It was a complex alchemist circle. Ice started to form at my finger tips, and was now covering most of my fingers. I just stared, letting the pain go to the back of my mind. After a few minutes my whole hand was covered in ice.
“Good, its done. You’re now my husband for real!” the angel said cheerfully, letting go of me. “I’m the ice angel, Hime-suki, but call me Hime.” the angel said, smiling.
“Wha- what the hell happened . . . Hime?” I asked, studying my ice-covered hand. “And why do you keep calling me your husband?” I was now staring into her eyes, noticing what she is wearing, her eyes, and her hair. She was wearing an icy white gown, she had blue eyes, and straight light blue hair.
“You’ll learn in time, Honey.” she said with a smile, and my vision suddenly blurred. I some fell, and blacked-out.

~ ~

When I woke up, I was lying down on the sidewalk, with the rest of my friend on the ground. I slowly got up. “What the heck was that? A dream?” I asked out loud not expecting an answer. I looked down at my hand, and saw that it still was covered in ice. I closed my hand, hoping my hand wouldn’t close, but it did. The ice moved with my hand, as almost as if it was part of my hand. I looked at my friends’ hands, and their left hands were the same, well not really, they were of different elements. Kylar’s was on fire. Rachel’s had dense air around hers. Ian’s was letting off something that looked like shadows. Mac’s was letting off sparks. Sam’s, like mine, was covered in ice. Ri’s was glowing brightly.

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