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The Dorm of sun Empty The Dorm of sun

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:08 am

(OOC:Couldn't think of a title.)

Ariane was now walking in the hallway, she was walking right behind her friend who just happened to love science. Unforunately for Ariane, her science teacher was able to get certain dangerous chemicals to give her to prepare for a science fair which was a long time from now. Right now, Ariane was carefully carrying the box of chemicals, she didn't know excatly what it was but she could only guess that there was probably something acidic, something that if it spilled on her, it would burn a hole where the place was. Something that would probably eat her clothing away if a stained from the chemicals got on her clothes. Ariane and her friend weren't the only ones in the hallway there were other people too, some moved to the side and had a look of fear on their faces. Ariane guessed that they were used to her friend and her experiments. This hallway was one of the hallways that Ariane never been in, it was almost the same as the hallway where her room is execpt that every now or then you could see paint that didn't excatly match the wall.


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