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Masaki & Sayuri

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Masaki & Sayuri Empty Masaki & Sayuri

Post by Kiyoshi on Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:13 pm


Name:Masaki & Sayuri (Formerly Ebony & Ivory)

Description: Both handguns were given to Kiyoshi in their original state by both of his parents. Kiyoshi’s parents had bought them for each other back when they had first became Vampire Hunters and has been with them for about 17 years before giving them to Kiyoshi as a sort of graduation present when he became a Vampire Hunter.

Once obtaining the handguns, Kiyoshi had spent years customizing and modifying them with his technological intelligence in order to best match his style of combate. Also, after losing his parents to a Vampire, he had named them Masaki & Sayuri after his parents as a memory of them and remodified them to fit each of their styles.

Masaki & Sayuri Dmc-ebony_ivory
Masaki & Sayuri are both M1911-style handguns chambered for the .45 ACP round, and boast a plethora of customized features:

  • Both pistols have been modified with pivot-style triggers as opposed to the 1911's usual straight-pull trigger.

  • Both feature custom sight systems; Masaki uses a set of target sights, while Sayuri uses a pair of combat sights.

  • Both feature ported muzzle compensators that reduce recoil and counteract muzzle flip. Both barrels are extend through the compensators and are ported to match the cuts in the compensators.

  • Both use custom slides that have been noticeably thickened and reinforced along the slide travel rails and around the chamber and firing mechanism. The result is a slide that bears a resemblance to SIG-Sauer's M1911 line.

  • Rails have been bolted to the forward portion of both frames. These rails are used to hold the compensators in place.

  • Masaki utilizes an extended safety latch, a hooked trigger-guard and a ring hammer. Sayuri uses a standard length safety latch, an rounded trigger-guard and a spur hammer.

  • Both have gold-plated magazine releases, hammers, safety switches and triggers.

  • Both weapons use ergonomic wood grips witch are inlaid with portraits of Victorian women that somewhat resemble Masaki & Sayuri as people, possibly their family members; as befits their names, Masaki's is dark-haired, and Sayuri's is fair-haired.

  • Both use double-stack magazines with slam-pads.

  • Masaki's frame and slide are both completely left-handed due to Kiyoshi’s father being left-handed, with all of the controls being mirrored from their normal positions and with the ejection port aimed to the left.

  • Knowing about Kiyoshi's mother's non-desire to kill, Sayuri's spring has been slightly depresurrized, meaning that it is very difficult to make a lethal shot with it. Ex: If a bullet was aimed at the heart area, it would peirce the skin but wouldn't make it past the rib-cage.

  • Kiyoshi also have have custom made bullets that was made by his best friend, Marcus that consists of Armor Peircing Bullets, Mini Camera Bullets, and Bullet Bombs all set in their own custom magazine.


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Masaki & Sayuri Empty Re: Masaki & Sayuri

Post by Clous on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:36 pm

No problems really.


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Masaki & Sayuri Clous

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