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Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel Empty Guardian Angel

Post by Aki on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:08 am

Just a few notes before you read:
  • This is set in an alternate universe, thus the usage of Japanese words throughout the story.
  • I was influenced by Bleach a little bit when starting to write this, but I don't think its too heavily influenced by Bleach, at least I'm hoping it won't turn out like that.
  • Regarding religion into all of this... That really wasn't a big deal in my head at the time so don't take this in too seriously. I'm really into "Fantasy Angels" more so than "Biblical Angels" however I do make use of Demons in here... Either way, whether it seems like I'm basing it off of religion or not that wasn't my intention so please don't take offense or anything.
  • I had this idea about two days ago when I was sitting in English 11, made some notes in Pre Cal, and then began a small rough draft in AP US History/Chemistry. I actually wrote this last night around... 10:00 PM (Eastern Time) so grammar may be a little off.
  • Please read the whole thing and comment... I don't care if you hate it or love it, I just want pointers on what you thought was good/bad and what I could/should work on. (And if this seems like a cliche or been overdone too much, please tell me.)
  • One last thing, can you just make some kind of prediction of what will happen or may happen? I want to see if my writing isn't too... predictable? Some of my friends seem to have that problem and I'd like to not write a lot of predictable stories.

Guardian Angel

“Akihime-chan,” started a young man in his early twenties. He had thick, golden-brown hair and warm golden eyes. His skin was a crisp tan and completely perfect in that it had no blemishes or scars. His body was well toned and he was a little taller than most. Power and authority radiated from his body and voice as if he had been born a ruler, and he was. He was King. King of Tenotsukai. King of the Angels.

“Yes, Father?” replied a young woman who appeared to be seventeen. She had soft brown hair that often times looked black and aged, clear brown eyes. She had a light tan and her skin was perfect as well. She too had a well toned body and was of average height. A sort of grace, beauty, and care came off of her like waves and enveloped all in her presence. She was the princess, daughter of Tenshi.

Tenshi looked at his daughter, taking in everything about her. She is ready, yes. She sat erect and graceful as ever in her seat at the high table amongst the royal court. She had already come of age the year before and it would soon be expected that she choose her path in this life of hers. He himself had no true wishes for her, he merely wished that whatever path she choose she would live it with dignity and do a good job. “Have you decided?” he asked at last, the royal court becoming silent. The young princess’ pathway had long been a subject of debate ever since her birth and induction to the royal family.

This being because Akihime does not have her father’s blood in her, nor her mother’s. For some unknown reason, Fate had dictated that she become Tenshi’s daughter. This might have perhaps been because Tenshi and his wife Mitsukai could not have a child even after trying for decades. For reasons unstated, Fate had chosen her and her alone. There had been much resentment at first, but as time went on and the young child grew up all could see that Fate had chosen wisely.

She slowly put down her goblet and looked up at her father first and then to the royal court. “I have decided,” she said quietly. There was a general applause and murmuring and then once more there was silence. She needed no further prompting from her father. “I have decided that I will join my brethren in keeping the balance of the living and deceased.” This time there was much murmuring and little applauding.

“Why is it that you have chosen to undertake this path knowing the dangers that accompany it?” asked Tenshi. It was customary to do so, but now he truly was curious. He had never imagined that she would choose such a path. You have always been kind of heart and soul my child. Why is that you choose such a path filled with danger?

Baited silence. All wanted to hear the Princess’ words. “As a member of the royal family it is only right that I expand my knowledge of all fields that Angels partake in. Simply taking lessons of such a duty that we all once performed is not enough to make proper judgment when the time comes. This position and duty that such courageous Angels have undertaken can not be taken lightly and indeed, it is not. They are among the most respected and well known Angels in all of Tenotsukai. Their job affects us all and if I am to one day take the throne would it not be best if I knew exactly how such a tremendous system came into being and works today? I can always change my path to reflect that of a princess, but is that wise when I have already spent most of my life being schooled in the ways of politics? Why waste more years studying the same things I already know of. It is time I expanded my knowledge and learned more of what this world is outside of these walls and well tended cities. The real world is nothing like this, so why continue to live such a life when I may never know when it will end or change?”

Once again you prove just how worthy you are of being our Princess, my child. Tenshi stood up and applauded her before going to her to shake her hand, a sign that she had indeed grown up and that he approved. As applause filled the room, various servants came running through with the needed equipment. “It is with great honor that I now declare you as an Oblivion Angel, Akihime Tentsubasa!” cried out Tenshi as he bestowed upon her a small crown that officially marked her heir to the throne and handed her various pieces of jewelry that had different significant meanings. And last but not least, he handed her the handle of an intricately carved blade. This hilt would mark her as an Oblivion Angel and show her status as a member of the royal family.

Akihime had knelt soon after her father had taken her hand and now she rose to take the hilt from him. As her fingers clasped about the hilt, the blade was formed. It was of average size and extraordinarily beautiful. The hilt was now cast in silver and white, and the blade was completely, purely white with etchings of silver along its side, although there was no cross guard or pommel. The crowd watched in shock and silence. It was the most beautiful blade in history since the time of the Oblivion Angel’s reign...

And once the rites were said, there was much applause. Whilst many were applauding the Princess’ chosen path, Tenshi slipped in a few words to her. “Do your best, but if you should ever feel that you need to change your path in life, please, come to me. I will help the best I can, my child." And Akihime had nodded in answer, not murmuring a single word back, least those in the crowd might catch what she said. She had not yet mastered the art of talking without letting others know what you were saying.

Chapter 1: Oblivion & Guardian
Akihime sighed quietly to herself as she sat down on an overhanging branch. Demons had been reported in the area several times over, but thus far she had yet to sense any or encounter any. Ade, if there are Demons here, where are they? “If there are Demons here, where are they?!” cried out a voice behind her, voicing Akihime’s thoughts.

She turned so that she could see her young student and bodyguard. Pure white hair and bleached eyes. The ever traditional white robe clothed her body and in her hands was a pure white blade similar to her own. The child looked every bit her name: Pure Child Holy Being, Kiyoko Kiyoraka. “Patience, young one, patience.”

Kiyoko sighed and crossed her arms, the blade disappearing. “I’m sorry, Sensei, but its just that we’ve been here for days and days and days! Are there really Demons here or not?”

“Ade, ade, do you wish for a fight that much, Kiyoko? Have patience and be glad that there are no Demons afoot. You yourself have yet to truly face a Demon. Demons and Angels are quite different from one another. You may be able to match other Angels, but Demons are stronger regarding brute strength and sheer numbers. Demons outnumbers us ten to one. Do not go seeking trouble when there is no trouble,” chided Akihime, returning to her original position. “In the mean time, let us continue your lessons.”

Kiyoko groaned. She loved training, but she hated lessons. Fighting versus books... she’d take fighting any day. “Okay...” mumbled Kiyoko, sitting down beside her sensei, trying to see the hidden things her sensei could see. “What about?”

“Mmm...” thought Akihime, closing her eyes. “Tell me... How are Angels born?” Kiyoko was silent and when Akihime opened her eyes to look at her she found Kiyoko turned away, head hung low, ashamed that she did not know such a thing. A small chuckle escaped from Akihime. “Do not fret, most do not know the answer to that. Few look into it. Even the King himself did not know till I bade him tell me and I had to tell him. Even so, that does not mean not knowing is okay.

“Angels are born from those that never had the chance to truly feel Mother Earth as humans do. We are those who died on Earth before we had yet the chance to breathe the air for ourselves, before we could feel the cool wind on our skin, before we could feel the grass beneath our feet. That is how many Angels are born. Others are born from those humans that have pure hearts. As you know, all souls are pure, but not all hearts are pure. Once every few generations a small handful of humans arise that are truly pure in heart and thus have the chance to become an Angel further spread their good will. These Angels often become a part of the Noble Families. Fewer yet are those that are born in Tennotsukai, having a mother and father of Angelic blood. They are the rarest and make up the Royal Family.

“What kind of Angel do you believe you are?”
asked Akihime at long last, finishing her explanation of how Angels came into being. She was intrigued in what Kiyoko would think of this upon learning the truth. What questions will you have for me this time? As much as you hate lessons, you thirst for knowledge little one.

At first Kiyoko was quiet, unsure of how to respond. She didn’t want to sound too arrogant or humble. Had this not been Akihime, she might have replied with “I don’t know” but she knew better than to ever tell her teacher that. Asides from receiving a lecture from Akihime, she would feel quite... stupid. “I... I’m not sure, but... wouldn’t I just be a regular Angel? I don’t seem to be very special at all. I mean I know I’m special in my own way, but I’m not as special as I should be if I were a pure hearted human or born from two Angels,” she replied, choosing to go for a middle ground.

Akihime nodded and Kiyoko half sighed in relief. “That is a good answer, but you are wrong in your guess. You are an Angel born from two Angels.” Kiyoko stared at Akihime in complete shock. “Yes, you are. I do not lie or jest. I myself am an ordinary Angel. As to why I am Princess and you are not a part of the Royal Family I do not know. Fate had decided that I be Princess... And it seemed Fate decided that you were not suited for a place in the Royal Family, but blessed you to serve me for some reason; therefore, making you a part of the Royal Family in a roundabout way. It is very strange, yes... but it is Fate, is it not? No creature will ever truly understand Fate.”

It was quiet now. “Um... Sensei... can I ask you something?” asked Kiyoko after several minutes of silence had passed by.

“What is it?” replied Akihime, turning to face her.

“I.... I was wondering... about Fate....”

“What about it?”

“Everyone talks about Fate, but I don’t understand why Fate is such a big deal...”

Akihime smiled lightly. “Ahh that is a good question. Many use Fate without knowing what it is... Very well, I shall tell you. Fate is what makes us do the things we do. We all have a choice in what we do and what will happen to us, but Fate has already chosen for us, we merely choose the path to take to get to the ending Fate has picked. One way or another we will arrive at our end, no matter the path we take or how many times we try to cheat Fate. This is the natural order of things... But there are things which can affect Fate. Angels and Demons can not affect their own Fate, but they can affect the Fate of Humans. It is for that reason the Oblivion Angels were created and first reigned over Tennottsukai. Oblivions were to make it so that Demons could not affect a Human’s Fate and were sworn not to affect a Human’s Fate either. But of course... not all Angels can keep to this fate when their duty is to protect...”

“Guardian Angels...” breathed out Kiyoko, putting two and two together.

She nodded, “Yes, Guardian Angels.” Pausing momentarily to gain her breath, Akihime continued. “Guardian Angels are Angels who have broken their oath and affected a Human’s Fate by preventing them from meeting an end Fate had carved out for them. As I said, only Angels and Demons may alter a Human’s Fate and those Angels that do so are severely punished; however, only Oblivion Angels have contact with Humans. Whether their intentions were to save that Human’s life or not, those that have cheated Fate will obtain wings and become Guardian Angels. Do you know why they are called such?”

Kiyoko shook her head. “No. I don’t know... And I’m confused too. Humans call Guardian Angels a good thing while we... we consider them a bad thing. I don’t understand that.”

“They are called Guardian Angels because they are now bound to the Human they altered. They are bound until the Human dies a natural death, meaning that they either die from an incurable sickness or old age itself. Having an Angel around them will increase a Human’s lifespan and prevent them from becoming sickly, and if a Human were not to suffer a natural death, the Angel bound to it would die as well. As such, a Guardian looks out for the Human’s life, fighting off Demons, curing sicknesses, and the like for them. Humans named these Angels, not Angels.”

“R-Really?” asked Kiyoko, just starting to comprehend all of this. Akihime only nodded. “Then... what happens when the Human naturally dies? What happens to the Guardian?” asked Kiyoko, and you could clearly see her thirst for knowledge in her eyes as she asked this. Perhaps she would admit her love of knowledge later on in life once she had grown up.

“Mmm.... Most Guardians die before that happens.”

“W-What?” She was stunned, she had thought that the Guardian would live... “But Guardians are even stronger than normal Angels... They have their sword and wings...”

“That is true at first... but after a few years their powers slowly get drained by the Human. The longer a Human lives, the weaker the Guardian gets. In time, if the Human lives long enough, as most do, the Guardian has no powers left and has been turned into a Human in essence. They will quickly die from there, or those lucky enough to continue to live will die a natural death around the time they physically reach thirty to forty years of age. And that isn’t long, you know how most Angels stop aging physically around their twenties or thirties.”

“I-I see...” mumbled Kiyoko, shocked by this. She had never heard this side of the story before. What is it like? They must have known what would happen to them, but they still altered Fate... Why? Why would they know that if they would die from it in the end? “S-Sensei, how old are you?”

A full smiles appeared on Akihime’s face. “Seventeen.”

“Sensei... I mean your real age!”

“My real age?” sighed Akihime, acting as if she wasn’t sure how old she was. “Ade, ade, let’s see... several years older than you, dear.”


Now she was laughing. “Kiyoko, think about it. I’m several years older than you. Just think back, surely you paid attention in history?”

“But I’m two centuries old! You could be 201!”

“Ahh I can’t be that young, now can I?”

This time Kiyoko didn’t whine or become exasperated. “You mean... You mean you’re really old?!”

“Mmm yes, I do believe I’m ‘really old’ Kiyoko. Think back. I was the first to be a part of the Royal Family not of pure Angelic blood. When was that?” teased Akihime, knowing very well that the subject Kiyoko despised most was history.

Kiyoko frowned as if she had heard Akihime’s inner thoughts. “I stink with history! But... doesn’t that mean.... you’re...” she began to slow down as she struggled to remember dates and do quick calculations in her mind. Angels and Demons may be perfect in body, but in mind and soul they were not. “You’re... over six hundred years old.... aren’t you?”



“Ade, ade, I’m ashamed of you Kiyoko. I’ll give you a small hint though, I’ve yet to be considered one of the Elders,” she teased even more.

“Sensei! That’s not fair! The Elders are all at least five thousand years old! That means you could be any old age!” cried out Kiyoko, frustrated. It would have been a lot easier if Angels didn’t record their history in the Old Language... But they did, so it made reading the History of Angels difficult and not many bothered with learning the Old Language because most of the Angel’s history was taught orally. There were few historic or official documents that weren’t written in the Old Language and those that weren’t were typically in an abridged version of it.

The vast majority of the rest of the day went by like this: lessons and then training. And all day they sensed no Demons. Still, the city was large and densely populated. The Demon or Demons may have been clever and learned of the Oblivion Angels coming to hunt them and taken more precautions. Until they could completely verify that there were no Demons here they could not go back to Tennotsukai.

As night fell they ran along to one of the Angelic Havens outposts along various prominent cities and towns. Payment for room and dinner was of course free. That was on of the perks of being an Oblivion Angel. So long as it was a public place you were entitled to a free room and meal, but that didn’t necessarily mean the room and meal were wonderful or worthy of the Royal Family, but when you were a part of the Royal Family and[ an Oblivion Angel you tended to be treated a little bit better, even if it was just in small ways like a blanket or pillow.

Angels didn’t necessarily need to have accommodations like food, water, and shelter, but it made life real. Without such things they were merely beings created by the High King to just obey his orders and wishes without question. That they would only be slaves. That and during the few rare times they had to descend onto Earth disguised as a Human they would not be so forgetful as to not eat or drink or find shelter and thus stick out to both Humans and Demons.

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Guardian Angel Empty Re: Guardian Angel

Post by Tsunayoshi Sawada on Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:12 pm

i only read the prologue and all i can say that im intrested how this will turn out, sadly i have no predictions as of yet...
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