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Imagine Empty Imagine

Post by Hanashi Zetsubou on Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:55 pm

Imagine us together in those days, smiling and laughing, like there was nothing wrong between us, but there was.We were just ignoring the fact, and try to keep loving one another even if the other had someone else.We still kept trying, trying to love, trying to live with one another, trying to live...

Imagine us as friends before we were together.The days were everything seemed so.. so peaceful, so innocent.Like nothing was wrong.But then we got together.At first, we seemed perfect to everyone."A perfect couple!", they said.But there wasn't anything 'perfect' about our relationship at all.

Imagine the day when we seperated.The look on your face.You were dumbfounded, you wanted to know why, why I let you go.It was simple really.

"You changed", those simple words left my lips as I turned away, forgetting you, forgetting everything that we had and tried to remember the old, peaceful and innocent days.The days were things were really, perfectly normal.'Perfect...'

Imagine the look on your face, one year after we broken up you saw me with someone.His hand was on my shoulder, his smile, his true smile, he was showing it to me and me alone, unlike you, you would show me a fake smile, lie behind my back and yet I knew you were doing those things.. but didn't try to stop you.You seemed angry, angry at the fact that I was also smiling with him, like nothing was wrong in the world.Like it was normal.Like you didn't exist.

Imagine the suprised look you had when he kissed me.You knew what you did, and you still kept doing it behind my back.I tried to find comfort, which I did in his hands.He was my friend at first.

'Like you..'

He showed me kindness, he truly cared for me.

'Unlike you..'

His smile was sincere, he would ask me "Are you ok?", even though I would always say "I'm fine", but deep down, I wasn't and he would look at me with his intense gaze and say "Don't lie".He truly worried about me.

'Unlike you..'

Imagine my suprised look when I was starting to fall for him.I couldn't belive it at first, maybe it was just a puppy love, it will leave quickly, right?


He seemed perfect in my book.He was a gentleman, a true gentleman, not like some other boys faking it.He truly cared.

While you just faked it, and I knew it, yet I still fell for it.Why?

Maybe I was just dumb..

So, imagine

The look on your face

When I was holding his hand, smiling

Like nothing's wrong

Then, you heard me say three beautiful words that I never told you.

"I love you"

Well.. this was something that I did while looking at my Big brother's(who is not related by blood but I call him that)Deviations in his Deviantart account.xD He inspires me sometimes though I never did try to write the feelings that I sometimes feel so yeah.. o.o decided to put this up here ^^
Hanashi Zetsubou
Hanashi Zetsubou

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Imagine Empty Re: Imagine

Post by Tsunayoshi Sawada on Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:11 pm

^^ great work hana it almost made me tear up...
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada

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