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Luna Scarlet's powers

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Luna Scarlet's powers Empty Luna Scarlet's powers

Post by Luna Scarlet on Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:16 am


Name: Pollen attack

Description: Luna reaches into her pocket and takes out what seems to be a grey-ish colored powder or seeds. With quick movements she throws it at her opponent/opponents. (If they stand close to each other, then it can affect up to 3 persons at a time, but the one who was aimed at the most.) It makes whomever it hits turn very sleepy or simply confused, varies from what race of opponent it is. When it comes to humans they would fall asleep or become very drowsy and totally confused, vampire hunters would become drowsy and confused and so would other vampires. On level A vampires though, the strength of the powder would just be enough to make them confused and forget their spell words for most 5 seconds, which would in some situations be enough for Luna to either escape or counterattack. The hold that the powder has over the humans, vampire hunters and lower level vampires lasts for 2 turns (2 posts). The weakness of the powder would be wind, since a wind user could simply blow it away. And also a very strong dispeller which could simply dispell the effects, or make them weaker. Most humans are though too weak for that.

Apperance: No changes come on Luna.


Name: Song of life

Description: Luna starts singing in an unknown language, and as she sings the plants and flowers around her start growing faster. As she concentrates more, the faster the progress goes and she could be able to let a whole forest grow around her as defense in a matter of minutes. The size of the plants make it faster for them to grow, so if someone is approaching Luna at a speed and intends to attack her, she can start chanting the song in an inhuman speed and as soon as the first word falls from her lips then vines or thorn bushes start growing between her and her opponent. Whatever plants or flowers that she chants up from the earth, seem to start searching for the opponent on the ground, trying to entangle him/her in their roots. When Luna stops singing, then the plants stop growing. The weakness of this power is that Luna must focus on the song, if someone else would appear and make a sudden attack on her then she would loose the concentration and therefore the power over the song. Natural born enemies of all plants are fire and ice, so in this case she would have to use most of her power to be able to trap a fire or ice user and also be very quick, if she even could that is.

Apperance: Luna starts singing or chanting in a low voice, her eyes get a green shimmer to them.


Name: Blink

Description: This is a teleporting magic that Luna can use, but just for distance as far as she can see. This spell is useful for getting out of danger when surrounded by the enemy and also to chase down enemy that is fleeing. Luna can use this ability 4 times a day, so she doesn't waste it in any foolish errands. The weakness is that if she has been captured in another spell, then Blink doesn't work.

Apperance: Luna closes her eyes and disappears, reappearing on the place she had her eyes set on.


Name: Entangling Roots

Description: Roots burst from the ground at the spot which an opponent is standing, and also in 1 meter radius around that person. This is a good ability to catch enemies that are fleeing and also to attack those that are chanting a long spell which requires concentration. Also very useful when there is a group of enemies to let the roots appear in the middle of their formation and split them up like that. Luna can reach opponents with this ability that stand about 20 meters away from her. The natural weakness of this ability is fire and ice. It also gets weaker the longer Luna has to reach with it.

Apperance: Luna raises her arms and holds them out towards her enemy as if trying to grasp them, her eyes shimmering in all of the natures colors as she pushes up her powers.


Name: Nature Blast

Description: Luna gathers in the air a large ball of energy which she then sends at her foe at great speed. The force of this energy attack is the same as being hit by a truck. The opponent can lower the damage by countering with another spell, but if there is another level A vampire which Luna is up against then the spells would in most cases nullify each other.

Apperance: With her right hand, Luna makes a circle in the air which combines of leaves and roots. This ring shimmers with golden energy. As the ring is ready, Luna then slams her right palm into the middle of it and sends off the ball of energy. Her eyes while chanting the words for this spell get the color of neon green and become luminous.


Name: Unstable ground

Description: Luna stomps her foot on the ground and a crack appears towards the enemy or enemies, the earth quickly cracking from under them and either gets them off balance or traps their lower bodies. When standing on sand or other type of "soft" earth, then a quagmire is often formed instead of the cracks. The weakness of this ability is that it can be countered with an ice spell if it's on a high enough level. Also the enemies, if quick enough and not hurt, can jump to the sides and keep evading. Although that is also a disadvantage for them as Luna has them dancing at her will. Those cracks and quagmires can't reach any further from Luna than 10 meters and if an opponent is trapped it takes him 1 turn (1 post) to get out of there.

Apperance: Luna raises her right leg and stomps hard on the ground while yelling the name of the ability.


Name: Tree of Regeneration

Description: If Luna herself is gravely injured or then another person she considers worthy of saving, she will go and find a special tree which she herself planted and chanted magic words over each night as it grew. This special tree grows many times faster than normal trees, and Luna plants one tree like that at each place she lives at. Pressing her palm against the tree, Luna starts chanting something like commanding words until the bark under her palm starts shimmering. She then rips that piece of bark off and either eats it herself or makes the other injured person eat it. This bark helps with internal injuries as it stops bleeding and improves the speed of the healing, plus it numbs all pain. The bark can also be used after boiling it together with other herbs to press on external wounds and stop bleeding and to also take out any poison, then by pressing the mixture on the wound which originally let the poison into the body. However this ability can not be used to fix broken bones nor bring back a person that is already on the brink of death.

Apperance: Nothing about Luna changes.

Luna Scarlet
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Luna Scarlet's powers Empty Re: Luna Scarlet's powers

Post by Clous on Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:20 am

Everything seems to be covered well enough

Ill say Approved unless anyone else has anything to add.

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Luna Scarlet's powers Clous

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