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Harvest Festival Day 2

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Harvest Festival Day 2 Empty Harvest Festival Day 2

Post by Yukihoshi on Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:52 am

Today is the day your allowed to go home. Today is the day when the last pieces of a puzzle are carefully lining up and the picture shall be shown on the 3rd day.
There are no classes today. And if your part if group B and not Group A. Today is the day you'll be able to put up your booth.

This day is the mid, it marks the day before the mission, its the last of the harvest festival. Which is why today is a Carnival Day.
Day 2:Students still sell things and do entertainment (music/karaoke/someone drawing you into a cartoon and games), but theres also a small little convention thingie which has stuff like aracade booths and workshops and performances. This is pretty much known as the Harvest Festival Carnival. (Also somehow the plan leaks...and spreads to some people)

When:whole entire day (Students have no classes and could go home, but a lot stays and goes home tommorrow. Students can choose to either start vacation this day or the next)
Ariane's outfit:

Ariane looked around the carnival. It was at night time and there were plently of rides and games. How they all got there, was something that ran across Ariane's mind a few times but would usually end up with her not thinking too far about it. Ariane could smell funnel cakes in the air.


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