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Jeno Talborn (finished)

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Jeno Talborn (finished) Empty Jeno Talborn (finished)

Post by Jeno Talborn on Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:31 am

Name: Jeno Talborn

Age: 17

Race: human

Job: Senior Student

Rank: Guardian, Day Boy Dorm President

Image: Jeno Talborn (finished) BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFllLaEFYQmZxM2hHdmgzMmNvaFVuekEAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ

Personality: helpful and kind, seems distant alot of the time, has a warm and gentle nature, doesn't enjoy handshakes and prefers giving hugs, relaxing and having a good time are the most important things on his list, determined and brave, natural born leader
,Loves to party and if there is one happening he'll be there.

Special characteristics: has a pet ferret (guess what color..white) that he talks to and the ferret seems to understand him. jeno named him klutz since it falls down alot.

Biography: Jeno grew up with 5 brothers and 4 sisters, he's the youngest. his parents were vampire hunters his father being far more brutal and ruthless since he never killed the vampires til he ripped their fangs out. jeno spent most of his childhood training, sparring with his siblings, and learning to hate vampires but he hate developed at age 11 when a vampire ripped off his fathers arm saying it was his punishment for toturing his kind. his mother wanted revenge but was killed in trying to do so. several years later at 15 the eldest of his sisters took jeno out to kill his first vampire it was a level E. later that year he was walking through the town when he meet a girl named Erin and they quickly became very good friend. at 16 jeno's tough training payed off and he soon was the only thing local girls talked about which jeno was oblivious to, not realizing how attractive he'd become. on his 17 birthday Erin turned out to be a vampire and loved him, jeno returned those feelings. they tried to hide it but jeno's family found out and he tried his best to try and protect her from them but being the youngest and weakest of his family they overpowered him easily and attempted to killed Erin, setting up a fake death for her to keep the balance of power and not to start a war that would surely follow her death. his father was disgraced by him and sent jeno to cross academy hearing a rumor the night class were all vampires so he told jeno to “try and find out” since his father didn't want to look at him. Present Day: jeno is now a guardian at cross academy, he basically picked up his love life from where it left off only now at the Academy

RP sample “gragh!” jeno cried out in pain as his brother Mark brought a wooden staff across jeno's back which stung since he wasn't wearing a shirt, jeno held his staff at the ready “come on lil brother? you can do better than that” Mark mocked playfully twirling the staff swinging it at jeno again which he blocked struggling to hold the block “JENO! get in here!” his father shouted from their house “yea?” jeno said jogging up “i'm sending you away..somewhere where you might do some good for once” his father growled, jeno had a confused look on his face as he followed his father inside.

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Jeno Talborn
Jeno Talborn

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Jeno Talborn (finished) Empty Re: Jeno Talborn (finished)

Post by Yukihoshi on Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:23 am

suzaku? No rp sample, but its okay since I already know how you rp.



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