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Guardians and reprenstives

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Guardians and reprenstives Empty Guardians and reprenstives

Post by Yukihoshi on Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:50 am

Your admin, being the forgetful yet at the same time remeberable person she is forgot to post this up. And...I think its time.

I thought the best way for the whole guardian and represntive for night class/day class thing would be best for the members themselves to not only elect, but vote who should be one of them.

But it has to follow these terms.

1.They must know what vampires are and must come in contact with one. (If someone hasn't come in contact yet and seems to be guardian material, it will be handled.)

2.They must create a weapon of some sort... (just in case if one of the vampires go nutty or if the school is under attack)

3.They must be a good, active member.


1.If its for day class, the person must be in Day class
2.If its for night class the person must be in Night class.

I'm planning for the votes to either happen next week, the week after next week or next month.

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