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Kyo's powers

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Kyo's powers Empty Kyo's powers

Post by Kyo on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:09 pm


Name: Psychokinesis

Description: This is Kyo's power to use all forms of psychic power. He is able to manipulate objects and make them do various things with his mind such as move, lift, agitate, vibrate, spin, bend, break, impact, speed up, and slow down objects. He is able to create barriers and use it on himself to fly. This is possible by him moving matter at the micro or macro levels with his mind. He is also able to teleport himself and even faze through objects.

Apperance: Whatever he choses to move will be surrounded in blue energy. And when he uses it on himself he will have a blue outline around him, and his barriers will be invisible.

Name: Shadow

Description: This is Kyo's power to manipulate shadows and make them change form. He is currently subjected to only controlling his own shadow. He can make it slither around him and cover his body to make a type of armor, aor around his hand to form either a weapon to to harden his strikes.

Apperance: Just a black figure, its a shadow pretty much.

Name: Wind

Description: Here Kyo can manipulate the wind causing gusts or tornado's. He can combine it with his power over fire to make the fire even stronger.

Apperance: Well its wind so however wind looks, basically it'll be a wave of air that isn't very visible.

Name: Fire

Description: This is Kyo's power to control flames. He can control any fire that is around him. He can control its shape into any form he wants it to and combine it with his wind power to make it even stronger. He can even produce the fires himself if there are none around to control.

Apperance: Its fire so it looks like fire.


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