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Kyoshiro Nakamura

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Kyoshiro Nakamura Empty Kyoshiro Nakamura

Post by Kyo on Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:11 pm

Name: Kyoshiro Nakamura

Physical Age: 18

Actual Age: 200

Race: Vampire

Job/what they do: Student/Vampire

Rank: LAV/SS

Kyoshiro Nakamura Mugetsu_by_klnothincomin-d2zad7b

personality:Kyo likes chocolate and karashi mentaiko. His favorite celebrities are Al Pacino and Mike Ness and the person he admires most is jackie chan. He is uncomfortable around nude or immodestly dressed women despite the "tough guy" image he tries to maintain. He will never use his sword against someone who doesn't stand a chance, the same goes for his powers. He holds a high appreciation for life and everything it has to offer. While still maintaining a vivid focus of the things he wants to do and the places he wants to go in life.

He avoids fighting whenever possible, but if it is absolutely necessary he likes to stand up for the weaker and oppressed party as opposed to whoever appears to be a bully. Unfortunately for most though he has a very clear conception of right and wrong and often won't involve himself in fights for the hopeless because he doesn't want to stand up for someone who deserves getting beaten up. He also is someone who will use any opening his opponent leaves to his advantage if he can. Also being taught in the way of chivalry has made him quite the gentalmen, only further increasing his alllure to women of both human and vampire races.

Uniquenes: His eyes can paralyze a person if they look directly into it.

Biography: Kyo was born into the pureblood Nakamura clan of Vampires. He was shown to be exceptionally powerful among most of the purebloods of his age, mainly because of his powers. When he reached the age of five his father began to train him to use hand-to-hand combat and how to use weapons and was raised in the mannorism of chivalry by his mother. When ever his family had get togethers Kyo was always the life of the party and easily got along with others. His life continued like this until the Cross academy had been established, for the purpose of peace Kyo had been placed in the academy and would spend three years there, He is now in his fourth and final year of school.

Rp sample: Kyo found himself walking along the corridors of the night class dorms. He hungered quite a bit and decided to go into the kitchen to see if he could find one of the food tablets, if not he would just eat some chocolate, his favorite snack. Kyo looked all over the kitchen and found no blood tablets, meaning that the other night class students must have either used them all or have stashed them somewhere inside their rooms. But luckily he did manage to find a chocolate bar and decided to just eat that. He took the candy bar and proceded to eat it as he made his way back to his room.


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Kyoshiro Nakamura Empty Re: Kyoshiro Nakamura

Post by Yukihoshi on Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:34 pm

I'm guessing its the way his eyes look that paraylze people. Like how my eyes makes people stare at them cause their so beautiful. Shoot even I stare at them and THEIR my eyes! That's why I don't look into the mirror too much. Its like my eyes suck people in to stare at them. Oh, I also find mirrors creepy too.

Well I say approved, but imma need Clous' oppinion on this. I say this cause its a bit close to me in real life. And a lot of times with critiques and judges and stuff their view of things tends to be a bit different to something thats close to them then something far away from them. In fact that pretty much happens with all judges, critiques and others.


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