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Ariane ablities and weapons 2

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Ariane ablities and weapons 2

Post by Yukihoshi on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:57 am


Name: Listen to the footstpes

Description: She is able to listen to her own foosteps which can be very helpful when she's learning a new dance, cause then all she would need to do is memorize the upper body movements. This ability is useless if she already knows the dance or makes it up on the spot. An ablitiy weakness is if she can not hear her own footsteps. It also usually requires concentration.

Apperance:Doesn't have an appearance.

Weapon (doing this ahead of time...)

Name:Death's Kiss

Description: Just a backup weapon in case if Ariane losses her usual gun. Its a smaller gun than her usual. Suggested to get by her mentor. Since this is a gun its both far and close range, but it'll hurt more at a closer range.


Name: Noir L'arc en ciel (Black Rainbow)

Description: Its unknown who created it, but it was given to Ariane from Akimitsu. (Her father.) The whole purpose of the fan is so her attack can be more stronger, of course it'll be difficult and take some time to getting used to using 3 weapons at once.



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Re: Ariane ablities and weapons 2

Post by Clous on Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:51 pm

Well these are gonan be fun.


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