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Crystal Kay

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Crystal Kay Empty Crystal Kay

Post by Yukihoshi on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:55 am

Crystal Kay is a Korean/African woman. Who's a singer in Japan.
She sung an ending to Full Metal Alchemist called "Motherland".
She also sung an ending to Pokemon called "One"
Crystal Kay can speak both english and Japanese, but not Korean.
She is also one of my most favorite Non-American singer too.
Crystal Kay has a lot more songs than what's shown below.
(Wish I could get Best of Crystal Kay cd..)
Crystal Kay Butterfly Garden
Crystal Kay Kirakuni (sadly the mv is gone and the only thing that's
closetest to it is a sims vid)
Crystal Kay Motherland

Full metal alchemist ending 3

Tv version
Full version
Crystal Kay One

Ending to some Pokemon movie

Feat.Crystal Kay/Other artists

Universe by BoA feat.Verbal, Crystal Kay
BoA made an American debut like last year, but her image here has
changed. I didn't even recongize her! She is also Korean and sung
a song for Inuyasha called:Every Heart. BoA Stands for:Beat of Angel
Crystal Kay feat. BOA Girlfreind
Crystal Kay feat. Kaname Chemistry, After love (First boyfriend)

M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay and M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay Rewind

M-flo feat. Crystal Kay Love Don't Cry
M-Flo feat. Crystal Kay I like it
Crystal Kay Interview (so you'll know what she sounds like when she's not singing)


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Crystal Kay Empty Re: Crystal Kay

Post by Tsunayoshi Sawada on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:38 pm

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