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Len Shion and Seiya Shion[WIP]

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Len Shion and Seiya Shion[WIP] Empty Len Shion and Seiya Shion[WIP]

Post by Hanashi Zetsubou on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:47 pm

Name: Len Shion/preferably known as Tamaki than Len

Physical Age: 16

Actual Age: 240

Race: Vampire

Job/what they do: Student at Cross Academy

Rank: LAVSS{Level A vampire Senior Student}

Image:Len Shion and Seiya Shion[WIP] KagamineLenandRinLen Shion and Seiya Shion[WIP] Len and Seiya

Personality:Usually Len or "Tamaki" is quiet, rarely talking, but that's just one of his many 'personas'.He can be happy one time, the next sad(beign in his "corner of woe").But the 'sad' parts are usually an act when he feels 'playful'.The only time when he's ever serious is when singing or facing someone that 'piqued' his inetrest.Len always tries to keep his 'pureblood' aura around people that disrespects him or his 'friends' which he calls 'allies'.He doesn't care much for humans.Only showing he cares is when they're doing something that seems utterly pointless.
He can also get quiet jealous, if not extremly jealous for no reason.Sometimes it could be because his sister could be giving attention to another pureblood or noble, or some of his 'favorite' nobles(a.k.a friends) would be doing something else that didn't involve him in any matter.

Uniquenes:His eyes changes colors.Usually it's emrald, like his sisters, then a light golden and sometimes a dark blue.

Biography:His life was normal.At least, as normal it would go in a pureblood family.The Shion family were well respected.They were known for almost everyone in the family to be in the business.Usually the males would be working to become something great that would bring honor to their name(as always).It also went to the females as well.Most of them became lawyers, doctors, even celebrities.All in order to bring honor to the Shion family.

When Len 'Tamaki' Shion was born, it was wondrous occasion.It was always a wonderful occasion when the Shion family had a boy or a girl.They acted human when they're was a new family member.But that was the only time that they would act like that until the next occasion arises.Then, after Len was born, quickly his younger sister, Seiya was brought out to the world.Both of them looked the same.Blond hair, blue eyes(though Len's would change to emerald, light gold, etc, while Seiya's were either a light blue, or dark blue, depending on the lighting).It was rare for twins to be born into noble families.Even rarer where fraternal twins.So, it shocked a few pure blood families and noble families as well.

A few years passed and the twins were learning everything they needed to know about being pure bloods.Etiquette, manners, etc.Though they never showed signs of being rebels, they did have their moments.Seiya was the one that had the most rebellious moments.She would always try to get away when they made her wear a dress, or teach her anything about manners while Len dealt with it calmly, though sometimes going into his 'corner of woe'(which scared the maids into thinking he was suicidal) or he just stood there, being a good little boy.

They were always known to be opposites of certain twins in a certain family.. The Zouka family.A noble family.Friends of the Shion family for centuries.They acted more human for the Shion's taste but the Shion twins didn't mind.In fact, they found it intriguing.Especially with the Zouka twins.Ahh yes.Hikaru Zouka and Kaoru Zouka.Such a troublesome bunch.They were always up to something growing up.They appeared to be four or three years old, but that was their appearance.The Shion twins were much older than them, by a few decades give or take.

The fraternal twins parents, Anneu and Kyouya Shion were very well known.Anneu was a singer.She had beautiful long blond hair that reached down to her back.Her eyes were a beautiful shade of dark green that sometimes went to a light tone.She appeared to be in her twenties, but of course that wasn't her real age.And it was best never to ask a woman's age.It was rude, especially to Anneu.Anneu is part french and part Japanese.Her blonde hair coming from her french side while her green eyes could be a recessive gene coming from the Japanese side.Then, there was Kyouya Shion.The 'Pure blood' king of the Shion family.Every pure blood family respected Kyouya, and he in return respected them back, even if they did horrible things.He was never the one to judge, unlike his wife.He had short spiky black hair, his eyes are a color between a light grey then sometimes dark, which is almost hidden with his dark framed glasses.He's known as the authority in the family, or as Anneu says "He's the Mommy while I'm the Daddy", which always made him chuckle.

The parents were always around when there was a reunion with pure blood families.It was quite common almost every few years or every year.The pure bloods would talk and mingle, while the children played and talked amongst themselves.It really did look like any normal reunion.

In these reunions is where the fraternal twins met with the Zouka twins.At first, they never got along(mostly Seiya, Hikaru and Kaoru) while Len just watched them with a dumbfounded look on his face.Then after a few reunions they got along.They also met up with a few other families, but they never did care about the other families much.They only cared about each other.

As the years passed, the Shion twins began to grow up to be mature pure bloods.Though, Seiya is much more tomboy-ish than ever while Len has to keep an eye on her.Len himself was always cool, calm and collected, much like his father though his appearance was that of his mother.The twins also inherited something else from their mother:They loved singing.It was always a passion for them, as well as going into the marketing business like their father(more so Len going towards running the business that their father had, while Seiya wanted to sing just like their mother)

Rp sample: (Small 3 sentences of how your rp and please try to keep it Vampire Knight themed)
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