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That chill you get when someone is watching you [Warning, may be graphic]

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That chill you get when someone is watching you [Warning, may be graphic]

Post by Clous on Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:20 pm

Victim: It's the blond one, and yes she is wearing that now. If you can't see the whole image, then click on it.

Down a dark ally way, a green iron shod door is opened. It screeches along the ground as it slides across. A young girl no older than sixteen emerges from the dark, damp corridor. Seemingly unseen she makes her way toward the busy street, breathing heavily, her heart pounding. Threatening to break from her chest with every passing moment. She wasn't sure why she felt this way, such a pressure. She sighed, "Maybe, I should have just stayed on campus this time..." Her icy glare danced across the faces of the people all around her as she made her way down the street.

"What is it? This feeling is really starting to get to me now." She did her best to keep from making her anxiety obvious, but it was starting to show now more than ever. She needed to get away from all of these people. The girl quickly ran down another ally and on to a side street, this was scarcely populated, in fact as she looked around there was no one at all really. It was strange, and irked her a bit as her walk turned into a brisk jog, seconds later it was a run.

High above a grin was in place, fangs out and ready for the gift of life. A figure walked along the edge of buildings stalking its prey. With a hood over its head the stalking figure moved fluidly about licking its lips. It was hard to say what it was that made this girl such a priority. But what ever it was other vamps were drawn to her. A number of E's were in the area and they were drawing near.

A white angelic wing extended from the right shoulder of the figure pulling its cloak away. Feathers floated around sending out a scent of sorts giving away his position to any near vamps. Some of the E's had backed off but there were a few that only started to move faster toward the girl. Clous stared through blank eyes as the girl continued to run. I wonder if she knows what's coming for her? He soon took to the sky flying over her. I have to be quick about this.

But there was something else, another feeling that made Clous himself wonder. Something that was sending a chill up his own spine. "What is this?" he muttered to himself as he looked around. He spotted a single E class vamp running bellow him on the roof tops to his left ready to descend on the girl. Clous glared knowing his was out of time. He reached behind his back and pulled his angel from its holst. The regular bullets were ejected and placed in his pocket as a mag of anti-bullets were slid into place. Clous cocked the 9mm and fired a single bullet into the back of the E's head.

The girl looked p at the sound of a loud bang, only to see nothing, she stopped realizing that she couldn't run anymore and decided to rest. Clous sighed as the girl stopped. unseen by her Clous watched as the E slumped and fell to its death. He landed just above her, watching every move she made. "What are you thinking girl?"

Gaze upon my thousand broken wings, for tonight I'll be your Evil Angel. If I decide to become your guardian or not is based upon the decisions you make...


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