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Internal Darkness (glint of light)

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Internal Darkness (glint of light)

Post by Clous on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:08 am

Clous faded in and out of a dream like state as he passed by car after car at high speeds on his motorcycle. He was traped between the past and present. A dream he wished was a reality. But he was never one to believe in such things, and now it tormented him like nothing else ever could.

Dream-like state

Why are you so sad Clous? You know I dont like seeing you like this.

What are you talking about?

Dont even try it, I know what your feeling. It's me isnt it? Im sorry for leaving you alone.

Your birthday is comming up again, its a shame your not here. Its a pitty that I couldnt save you...that you had to save me.


Clous tightened his frip around the handle bar and sped up as his emotions went wild. There was so much pain held up inside of him, a horrible mix of hate and sorrow. Something he knew was like poison to him.

Gaze upon my thousand broken wings, for tonight I'll be your Evil Angel. If I decide to become your guardian or not is based upon the decisions you make...


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