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Nonexistent Fairytale

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Nonexistent Fairytale

Post by Yukio Shidousha on Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:21 am

Snow falls slowly as Yukio strolls through the park with Kimiko at night. He was wearing his usual trench coat, unbuttoned, showing his white shirt. Kimiko was wearing a normal dress. "Quite a peaceful night. No people trying to chase us". A memory of the girls finally got him, then ripped one of his favorite shirts, and taking his shoes. Luckily He manage to escape the group, but the memory still haunts him. I think those girls are getting a little out of hand. Is something wrong, Yukio-kun? "Its nothing, Kimiko-chan. Just a scary memory". Its those girls again, isn't it? "You can read me like a book". The two found themselves a bench, brushes off the snow, then sat. You're pretty easy to be read. Yukio and Kimiko began dating ever since that little incident at the moon dorm. "Snow, the thing that fascinates me the most". Yukio's eyes became blue has a rose made of ice appeared as the little blue flame disappears. He gave it to Kimiki who happily accepts it. "Now I just need to find a excuse for the other students for why I have blue eyes". Why don't you tell them that you needed contacts? Tell them that you had a little accident with bright light or something. "That sounds like a great idea".

This is Yukio's trench coat(Without the straps and the chest piece)

Neither will alone or strength alone

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