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Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished]

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Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished] Empty Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished]

Post by Aki on Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:12 pm

Name: Shitake Aki

Physical Age: 17

Age: 229

Race: Vampire

Occupation: LAVJS [Level A Vampire Junior Student]

Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished] ShingetsuI-1 Aki
Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished] PM92re-1 Yamiyo
Aki has long, soft, silvery-white hair and light brown eyes that appear to be a light golden upon occasion. She prefers to leave her hair down, but will put it up when annoyed or playing her role of "Pureblood Princess". When not in uniform she tends to be in black shorts barely a hand long, and a semi-tight, somewhat low cut, thin tank top; ankle length socks and a pair of black tennis shoes or sandals. During the colder months she wears a pair of black skinny jeans; her usual black tank top; an unbuttoned red, collared, long sleeve shirt with thin, light gold stripes; ankle length socks and a pair of black boots.

Aki is a bit of a loner and doesn't really enjoy being around others. She's not very close to anyone asides from her older brother Shikama. She's a bit of tomboy, but dislikes physical exertion due to her weaker than average physical body (compared to other vampires at any rate, to humans she's quite healthy). She's naturally quiet and rarely talks. When she does, she tries not to say things that will anger others as she can get very temperamental and doesn't wish to have others thinking she has anger management issues. Its just that she tends to over-think something things too much.

Since her trust is very hard to gain, she seems rather cold to others. She appears arrogant and cocky even, mostly due to her Pureblood heritage and the way she's so "cold" to everyone. Most vampires think she detests those lower than her, but its not so at all. Being such a loner, she often spends a lot of her free time reading, writing, listening to music, or just thinking.

Regarding humans, she doesn't hate them or despise them. She is actually intrigued by them and often times finds herself wishing she were human or daydreaming about living as a human. She would reach out to them more, but she doesn't want to get hurt anymore than she already has since she knows that humans must all die someday and thus she'll never be able to see them again. She doesn't seem to have much of a blood lust either.

Though she is a Pureblood and has the ability to make humans vampires, she has no wish to do so on her own. She actually dislikes using her powers much, but finds herself using it often. She especially hates it when others treat her with respect out of fear that she'll do something to them or simply because she is a Pureblood. So to her closer vampire relatives, she is seen as a bit of a rebel. So much so that her parents even thought about killing her off, which initially triggered her very anti-social behavior.

Born with a photographic memory and the innate ability to sense when to be quiet or just what to say or do has helped Aki survive as a Pureblood for most of her early life. As such, she is seen somewhat was a genius in both the vampire and human realm, not only because she is knowledgeable, but also because she can seemingly negotiate warring parties to calmness. She also has a very low blood lust compared to other vampires.

Being born into a pureblood family isn’t easy. From the day you’re conceived great things are expected of you. Whether you’re a boy or a girl there are always high expectations placed upon you. You’re expected to be the best amongst the best. And for Aki this was no different. But nature had been kind to her, giving her a photographic memory and the uncanny ability to sense just what to do or say in almost any situation. That and she had an older brother to boot.

She grew up being viewed as the perfect child. Sure she was a little weaker and sicker than most vampires, but not drastically so. But she did listen. She listened and did as told. She paid attention to the current news and to her classes. She was intelligent and didn’t mind helping others so long as they asked. Friendly and charming she never seemed to do or say anything wrong. But being so “perfect” was only on the outside, a mask of who she really was.

The ability to know just what to say or do was a double edged weapon. Sure, she’d know what to do or say so that next to no one would dislike her or hate her, but that meant she didn’t show people her real self. They didn’t know that she was actually desperately lonely. She was surrounded people who called her friend and family, yes, but that was only because they didn’t know the real her. They liked her for the person she appeared to be. She wanted a friend. A friend who’d accept her for who she was. Not someone who called her friend because she was pureblood, because she seemed so perfect, because she was so good at everything. And she wanted parents who loved her because of who she was. Not parents that loved her because everyone said she was a perfect child, because she gave their family such a good name, because she held power while even being seen as a child.

And the only one who seemed to be able to tell all of this was her brother, Yamiyo. Sweet, charming Yamiyo. She loved him dearly. He always seemed to know when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry. It was as if he could sense all of her emotions, and she thought he did. He had been born like her, born with some special innate gift. She was sure that his innate gift revolved around emotions or feelings, she just wasn’t sure what exactly it was. He seemed to always constantly have others attracted to him and wishing him no harm, and he always seemed to know how everyone was feeling. And perhaps that was why she loved him so. Because he was already charming and knew how to make her feel better. Sometimes she couldn’t help but think that maybe she didn’t really love him, that it was innate gift, but she couldn’t tell for sure.

But there was one thing missing from her life: interaction with humans. As children vampires fed off of the life energy of others. They never really were exposed to humans, some weren’t exposed at all until their blood lust began to kick in. Until they became a teenager. So for Aki, she never met any humans. She always heard of them and knew they existed, but she had never seen one with her own eyes. Never talked to one. Nothing. So it was no surprise that when she began to lust for blood and was first introduced to humans, she was intrigued and curious beyond imagination.

She didn’t see them as food. She saw them as intelligent beings just below vampires, if not above. She wanted to know everything about them. About the human’s history. The human’s struggles in life, both in the past and present. She wanted to know so much! But that small dream of hers came to an abrupt halt when her mother and father taught her humans were food. Humans were dumb beasts that had but one purpose: to serve the needs of vampires. For purebloods, humans were typically farmed so to speak. Select humans that had appetizing blood would be placed under their control and every now and then blood would be drawn from them. Large quantities at that. And the human never noticed because they would forget. And when they at last had no need for the human any longer they drank it from the source. Sometimes they would wait and see if the human would live. For the human to become a vampire and become their servant. Other times they just drained the human of all blood, killing them. Most would have loved drinking it from the source... but doing so would mean many ex-humans... and eventually many Level E vampires that would go on a rampage for blood and reveal that vampires existed.

And that changed Aki. Slowly. She didn’t lust for blood so much anymore. She almost rejected it and it nearly killed her. Taking only minimal amounts of blood to sustain herself... And that was when her reputation and status amongst vampires began to dwindle. At first they had dismissed it as nothing more than shyness because drinking blood was a new experience and quite different than life energy, but as the years progressed and she still refused to take in human blood vampires began to see her differently. Oh the ex-humans loved her for that, as much love as they could spare for a pureblood and vampire, but everyone else hated her. Why? Because she was stinking human lover. A human lover!

She found herself losing face in front of vampires, but friends as well. Friends, relatives, even her own mother and father. And that was when Aki stopped being the perfect child that had but one flaw. She became quiet. She didn’t listen as much as she did before. She didn’t solve problems or conflicts as she once had. She didn’t care it seemed. And her reputation dwindled down further. She was seen as a rebellious, young teen that thought the world revolved around her. A teen who thought she was better than everyone else and that they should all treat her as such.

Yamiyo was the only one that stayed close to her, trying to comfort him as best as he could. But he couldn’t do it all by himself. Aki needed love and comfort. Not just from Yamiyo... but from their parents as well. But they didn’t care. The Shitakes were one of the lesser pureblood families, but they were among of the families who hated humans most. For generations the Shitake had fought for the extermination of the Vampire Hunter’s Association, for the extermination of humans unless they were to be farmed, for the purebloods to be able to drink once more. They were one of the leading benefactors of other various political groups within the vampire realm who wished for such things. And for them to have a child, a daughter who loved humans... That was something they would never accept. And they would rather have Aki dead than removed from the family.

For his sister’s sake, Yamiyo had planted the idea of running away from home for a time. To spend time with the humans. To learn about them from the viewpoint of a human. And to become stronger. Strong enough to face their parents. Strong enough to face their parents’ loyal servants. And he succeeded. Helping her get away from the guards and lookouts, he helped aide Aki into disappearing into the human world. And that was where she lived for nearly half a century.

Aki lived as a human, adopting several names and lifestyles. An orphan, a child of alcoholics, drug addicts, single parents, divorced parents, low class families, middle class families, high class families, just about everything. But even so... she was unhappy. She still wasn’t being accepted and loved for who she was deep down. She was only happy that she was learning so much about humans. And she was intrigued with how fast things changed in human society. How advances in technology would first be disliked and thought little of, but then progress forward into being important and needed for everyday life. During her last few years in human society, just around the time she thought about going back home she fell in love. In love with a human... And as they got to know one another, he too fell in love with her.

“Aki...” he whispered quietly, turning so that he could look at her. The blanket had been loosely pulled over, but still revealed her bare shoulders. “Aki?” he whispered again. She let out a small groan and turned towards him, still asleep. For a few seconds he thought about asking her later, but he knew that she would just avoid it. This was one of the few times he could ask her something and she’d have to reply. “Aki...” he murmured again.

This time she heard him. “Mmm... what is it, Sennyo?” she groaned out sleepily, finally opening her eyes. She kissed him on the lips for a few brief seconds. “Sennyo?”

He closed his eyes briefly, knowing she wouldn’t like what he was about to ask her. “Aki... I want to meet your family. Not just Yamiyo, but your parents. I... I want their approval before I ask you,” he explained in a quiet, grave voice.

She raised a hand and he flinched slightly. She smiled at this and placed her hand against his cheek, stroking it. “Sennyo... I’ve told you plenty of times before. They will never accept our love for one another,” she said softly, gently. “Why does it matter?” she murmured.

“I love you and that’s all that truly matters to me, but Aki... I want your parents to at least know about me. And Aki, maybe they do care about you? You said it yourself. You ran away when you were young. I’m sure they must miss you and love you as much as your brother does.”

“I know them Sennyo. Yamiyo knows them. They don’t want me. Not the real me. And they don’t want you. You could be the richest man in the world and they would never want you. Never Sennyo. For them to even want a fraction of you... you’d have to endure so much pain. Pain that could kill you. I don’t want you to go through that. Please. Just trust me and stop asking,” she said softly. “My parents are... very traditional.”

Sennyo frowned and pulled away from her, sitting up. “Aki... what do you mean? I’ve dated plenty of girls in the past who have traditional parents. And they were afraid their parents wouldn’t accept me either. But after they met me they didn’t hate me or anything. They actually liked me. They said I was more traditional than they were.”

“Sennyo...” whispered Aki, begging him to stop. She sat up as well and shivered slightly as the cold air pierced her bare skin. Sennyo’s arms instinctively wrapped around her frail form, warming her. She bit her lip slightly and then closed her eyes, taking in a long breath of air. “Sennyo... to put it simply I’m a princess and you are a peasant. My father would never allow such a thing to happen, he’d kill you for even suggesting such a thing. If he even knew or suspected that we’d been sleeping together for the past year now he’d kill us both. My mother would officially disown me, remove me from the family, and have others track me down and kill me. My brother is putting his life on the line just so that I can stay hidden from them, so that I can be with you,” she whispered, crying. “So please.... don’t let his efforts go to waste. Don’t end your life so soon.”

He tightened his embrace. “Aki... don’t say such things. How can you be so sure? I’m sure they act like it and even say it, but they don’t mean it. Its only said to frighten you. And if they try to hurt you, they’ll have to get rid of me first.”

She broke away from him then. “D-Don’t say that! That would hurt me more than having to die! T-To see you in pain... That... That hurts too much. I-I can’t even think about that,” she murmured in-between tears and wiping her eyes. But she knew that no matter what she said or did he would never stop. Some people just couldn’t be calmed or swayed with words or actions. They were simply too stubborn and too strong-willed.

When he reached for her again she fell into him, enjoying the comfort of his embrace, knowing that it might be the last time they did so. “Alright...” she whispered, so quietly and so hoarsely that at first he didn’t hear her. “I’ll let you see them... but when I tell you to... you’ll run. You’ll run and you won’t come back. You won’t stop for anything until you’re at least a hundred miles away. And when you’re gone... you’ll forget about me. You won’t remember anything about me. You won’t look for me. You won’t try to contact me. It’ll be as if I never existed. Okay? Promise me that and I’ll take you them.”

Sennyo slowly nodded. “Alright... But don’t you think...” he trailed off as he looked down at her and into her eyes. And for the first time since he had been with her he was afraid. Truly afraid. Her voice, her words, her eyes... they reflected something that even he couldn’t even begin to imagine. “Alright... I promise I will,” he said quietly.

“Tonight might be our last night together...” murmured Aki, wiping away the last of her tears and kissing him, enveloping him in a world of love and care. But even so, deep within her she wept. Why could she not say no to him? Why? It would save them both a lot of pain and misery. God help us, she thought, thinking of a human phrase that might calm her for the time being. She might have asked God for help, but in reality she was asking anyone, anything, to help them. To help him, the young human she loved so much. The human that didn’t even stand a chance against her kind.

And so, after contacting her brother and making sure things were somewhat prepared for them, they set out for her home. Her family was one who also liked a lavish living style, so it was no surprise that when Sennyo first saw her home, no the lands her family owned, he was completely and utterly speechless. “You... You ran away from... from all of this?” he asked in awe. “When you said you were a princess... you... you meant it, didn’t you?” he breathed out.

She nodded. “Yes... Do you see why I don’t want to introduce you to my parents now? They can do virtually anything they want and get away with it... Do you still want to see them?” she asked, hoping he would say no. That they could turn back now. But she knew that he wouldn’t. That this would only encourage him to try to gain her parents’ acceptance, respect, or at least just for them to acknowledge he existed. When a hand reached out and touched her on the shoulder she visibly shook. “Yamiyo,” breathed out Aki in relief, turning to hug him.

“Still want to do this? You can still turn back you know... And Aki, let go of me. I’m sorry but you stink,” he said, turning away towards a breeze. “I’m surprised you guys actually got this far without alerting someone to... your presence,” he said, careful of his words.

She nodded. “Yeah... I’m surprised too,” she mumbled, breaking away. She went over to Sennyo and took his hand. “Ready?” she asked shakily. She had taken his hand to comfort herself rather than him. “Remember what you promised me...” she said quietly.

Sennyo nodded. “Of course,” he replied. “I remember and I’ll stay by that promise...” He gripped her hand a little more. “Let’s go.” And thus this young man just barely over thirty sealed his fate and walked to his death.

That night was the most horrible night in Aki’s life and would remain so forever it seems. Why? Because her parents had ruthlessly tortured and killed him. Had taken blood from him, cut limbs off, questioned each and every single thing he believed in, placed illusions on him, and so much more. She saw some, if not most, of his torturing. Others her parents wouldn’t let her see, knowing that not letting her know was more painful to her than letting her see. They wanted to teach their daughter a lesson. A lesson about purebloods and humans. How the two did not mix and never would. And at last when he was near death in both mind and body they let her see him.

You would think they were showing mercy, but that was far from the truth. His mind had been tampered with so much that he didn’t even recognize who she was. At first he didn’t know her. Didn’t know anything. And she had expected that. But then things began to click in his mind. And he remembered her... but not the way he should have. He feared her. Feared her and hated her. Yelling and thrashing and whimpering like a child to get away from her. His voice, his words, his very actions cut through her.

She spent hours with him in a small, cramped room trying to restore him. Trying and failing. After hours of trying, she managed to break through. And for a few seconds he remembered. For a few seconds he was himself. For a few seconds he wasn’t some deranged man. Only for a few, fleeting seconds. And in those brief moments all he had said was why.

But that why had so many feelings, so many questions behind it, that she knew. Knew without a doubt that she had to kill him and he knew it too. To be tortured by her parents until they grew tired of him and then turn him into a vampire under their control. That was something neither of them wished for. For just a few seconds they shared their last kiss, their last embrace. But before she could swiftly end it for him, they came. And this time they bit him. Bit him so many times and so hard that she knew he wouldn’t live. Not as a human or a vampire.

They took her away then, locked her up in her room. Stationed guards all about her room. And all through the night she heard his screams. His cries. His pain. His death. And she too screamed and cried. Screamed to get out. To see him... but her parents had worded their orders carefully. None of the guards would let her pass and she could not fight them all off. In the end, knowing she was beat she couldn’t help but cry. Cry with anger, frustration, guilt, and then sadness.

Even after her room was unlocked she didn’t exit it. She didn’t eat or drink anything either. Knowing how her parents were... the food could be him. The drink could be him. She stayed in her room for who knows how long? To a vampire, a day is but an hour. Their lives are long and near infinite. Forever in darkness and sadness...

At last her brother could stand it no more and talked to his parents of going to school abroad for awhile. To take Aki with him. That it was high time society knew of her existence again. That she needed to show her face to society again least their family lose face. And that was what got them to approve of it. And so Yamiyo finally came to her room for the last time and helped her walk. Helped her face their parents one last time. Studying abroad was meant to be a healing journey for her, but it wasn’t.

He had thought she return to normal a little. Talk to others, laugh and smile again. Share her ideas once more. Change the minds of others. Show them how little they knew. But he was wrong. Even if she were asked she did not help or talk. She didn’t teach others what she knew. She didn’t smile or laugh, let alone talk. It was like she was nothing more than a zombie, a shallow shell of what she had once been. And each night he would hear her. Hear her cries. Hear her sadness. She didn’t need the company of vampires, she needed the company of humans... but when would his parents ever allow that? Never.

Yamiyo tried to make it so that she would see the humans she loved, but even that backfired on her. Seeing humans only made her all the more depressed. Even after seeing a human child by the name of Zetsubou Hanashi, she had not smiled, not truly smiled. Always it was fake smiles and faces she put on when she sensed that her loving brother was worried about her and he knew it. He could feel her emotions. Sadness and pain radiated from her so strongly that sometimes it seemed as if they weren’t feelings, but actual beings or objects themselves.

A few years later he would learn of a private high school called Cross Academy. A private school that allowed not only vampires, but humans as well... Perhaps this was a place where his sister could heal. Could heal and become something of herself again. But of course he had to get his parents to approve. But how could he go about asking them to approve such a venture? To stay at a place with humans and vampire hunters alike? Had it just been Aki they might have approved. Approved because she might die there and their hands would not be bloodied. But he wanted to stay with her. To stay and protect his sister. To see her smiling and laughing again.

After mentioning that many of the world’s prestigious purebloods and nobles attended the school and that vampires were kept away from the humans save for one time of day every school day, his parents finally approved and agreed to it. The only part he left out was that if they attended they would take blood tablets. They would not be drinking pure human blood or blood from its source. If his parents knew that...

And now he was in his final year at Cross Academy, Aki in her Junior year. But despite the three years they had spent there nothing seemed to have changed. Most vampires ignored her and she ignored the humans. Maybe, just maybe, she didn’t need healing. Maybe all she needed was death. That’s what he had thought once anyway.

Rp sample:
Aki let out a small yawn. She had only slept for a few hours, maybe two or three, she wasn't sure. She blinked in the sunlight that streamed down into her room. Hissing slightly she drew the curtains shut. She truly hated and detested sunlight, or any bright lights, but it wasn't as if she could control the sun. No one could. As her eyes quickly adjusted to the self made darkness, she let out a sigh. In just a few more hours school would start for them, at least that's what the humans called it. To her kind it really wasn't school, just lessons. Lessons that only lasted for fleeting hours, at least that's how it was in her mind. One night it was this and then the next it was that. And it really wasn't anything new... Mostly history lessons and maybe some lessons on new advancements. And on occasions, news about their world. You really didn't have to show up at all... Everyone just went to keep up the pretenses that there were night classes here at Cross Academy. Asides from that they all mostly conversed in their own ways in class.

She leaned against the curtains and wondered how annoying the humans would get today. They always were annoying, but she knew why. To them they were... gods almost. Or children of the gods. If only the truth... Then again, if they knew the truth many things could go wrong. But she always wondered about that. What if humans did know about them? Humans would surely accept them over time, so long as they showed them that they weren't the monsters that they were made out to be. In reality, there was no such thing as a "monster". A "monster" was merely a figment of one's imagination used to describe the unknown and dangerous. But more often than not... monsters tended not to be monsters. Besides, they had been human once. They had all descended from one unearthly creature. They had all just changed and morphed over the several centuries. That was all, they just lacked the means to trace their lines back so far.

In a slow, graceful, manner, Aki went to her closet and pulled out a few garments of clothing, slipping them on. It was just a pair of shorts and a tank top, her favorite kind of clothing. Just when her tank top had slid into place, there was a knock on the door and then it opened. She wasn't worried though. She knew who it was. She could smell him easily enough, and if she couldn't... well that would be kind of sad, wouldn't it? She had lived with him for over a century after all, if she couldn't recognize him by scent then she didn't even deserve to be called a vampire, let alone a Pureblood. "Yamiyo, what are you doing here?" she asked softly, turning to meet him. She met his light golden eyes and then looked away. School was starting, had she really been thinking that long? He was already dressed in the Night Class' uniform, waiting for her. "Even if you are my brother, couldn't you at least wait for me to let you in?" she asked, disappearing into her closet again, pulling on her uniform and frowning at the skirt. She hated skirts... dresses... whatever you called them.

Side note: If I may, may I also RP as her brother, Yamiyo? Yes I'll put up another topic for him, but I'd just like to know if I could before I make it.

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Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished] Empty Re: Shitake Aki - Pureblood [Finished]

Post by Clous on Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:51 pm


And yes second characters are allowed, however since your characters are purebloods they must be from the same clan. I know this doesnt really apply to you since your characters are siblings but I just felt that I needed to state that. And in all honesty if you really wanted you could just NPC her brother but thats all up to you.

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