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Clous Abilities MK.2

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Clous Abilities MK.2

Post by Clous on Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:42 am


Name: Flight

Clous sprouts a single white wings on his left shoulderblade. It extends from his back to an impressive three meters. Clous can easily carry double his body weight when flying. However he does have his limits, he can't sustain flight for longer than ten minutes at a time. He is however practicing to extend his time.



Name: Shatered memories

Description: Like awareness Clous is able to link with another beings mind. However what seperates this ability is that it works on both humans and vampires. However Clous must have a close bond with the person he uses the abilty on. Shatered Memories allows Clous to view the memories of other, or share his on. Even if the memories are repressed and since long forgotten Clous can dig and find what ever his target is.

Clous can not completely do this at will. Anyform of mental resistance by the recieving person forces Clous to lose focuse, no matter how small the disturbance is. Also extended use gives Clous a painful headache, to which extent is unknown. the max time Clous can use this ability is two minutes straight.

Also as the name suggest this ability does indeed shater memories. He has the ability not only shater the undesierable memories of himself but also of other he views as not being able to handle their own problems. However if the mental trauma of hte event that is being forcefuly overwriten is too strong. The nit is possible for the memories to remain, however scattered given time they van be pieved back together.

Apperance: The only noticable thing about Clous that changes is that his amber colored eyes turn gold.

Gaze upon my thousand broken wings, for tonight I'll be your Evil Angel. If I decide to become your guardian or not is based upon the decisions you make...


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