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Animation:Awaken Empty Animation:Awaken

Post by Yukihoshi on Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:04 pm

I'm going to start another Animation called Awaken.

This time its a story about a guy that goes to a planet that has been hidden until 2012. He finds a girl in deep slumber and accidentally awakens her. As the Cavern collapses on them they escape and walk into the city to find a crowd of people surrounding a crater. Which leads to the a crazy things are everywhere ride of Uale's history and in the end and that maybe everything isn't what it truly is.

I'm absolutely Horrible at summaries, but I do have the whole story planned. I'm planning to try to make it fast paced then know like Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo (both are directed by the same director) But..I thought about and though hmm...yeah that's a bit too hard. But I am thinking about starting to off fast, but it may not go that way. Oops! And I forgot one more thing, Imma try to make this a bit realistic so all the humans will be born with brunette, blonde or black hair. While the people of Uale are born with Silver, Pink and Blue. So any character with brown and pink are either half Ualeian and human or just dyed their hair. I'll probably do something to make it easier for people to recongize who's Uale or not. Like putting their name on their wrists.

My first idea is to make an animation like a show..but now I'm starting to think of making a music video with Captions explaining the story.


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