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Karaoke Night

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Karaoke Night

Post by Yukio Shidousha on Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:49 am

(OOC) Gotta start at one point you know

Yukio was having a drink at yet another dance club, while watching people dance, and sing. Sounds of singing, laughing, and talking filled the air. A Mic was held by Yukio's side, so he took it, and walked up to the stage. I guess its my turn to sing. A song began to play, and Yukio began to sing.
(OOC) The song T.M. Revolution: Meteor

"My fingertips are cold to the touch
Lit up by the frozen moon

Though my cracked heart
Clutches at the night as it burns out

If that feeling that glittered for a moment in the distance
Is love, then make it a dream

The light it gives off falls from the sky
Giving me all the heat I could wish for

The flames that have appeared on the dying stars
Burn with the the dreams of the next generation

If I can change the sins that rain down into tenderness
And thorns into smiles

It resembled the unheard screams
Of the flowers on the verge of losing their petals

The fleetingness of wishing, the pain of longing
Shakes up the time we met

Swallowed up in a wave of grief and light
Amid the pain, you awaken

The bond that could be formed by hurting each other
Now begins to paint my loneliness

Cutting through the life that pours down with my wings
Please, please, hold me

The light falls from the sky again
Giving me all the heat I could wish for

At the end of the crumbling mistakes
I’m finding the dreams of the next generation"

The song ended, people started clapping, so Yukio bowed, and left the stage. Now that wasn't so bad. The young vampire, took out a small bottle of blood, drank it down, then hid the bottle in his pocket, and began drinking another cup of tea.

Neither will alone or strength alone

( ¯◡◡¯)
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