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Breaking Point to No Return

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Breaking Point to No Return

Post by Tanju Chi on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:24 am

The forgotten sound of laughter, the everlasting feeling of being lost, a resembling face of the pry, the lost feeling of love. This is what it means to be the living dead, a hollowed soul, a vampire. The town looked faded as Chi walked through without his eye catching one person. One actual living being was no were to be seen, smelled, or herd. Chi's steps in the snow created a rhythm for him to pretend his heart was beating too, he loved the sound, but it ruined a perfect blanket of even white snow in Chi's path. He stopped to turn when the sound of another forced him to freeze in his steps, to wait for the sound of what he prayed would be a human being. That's when he herd the call for help. His face turned from nothing to wonder, wonder in hopes that he could save a life from pain and agony. He jumped to the first building he saw and looked around. Hoping to hear the one's cry for aid, so Chi could bring just that. He had a sensational but horrible smell drift his way, The smell of Human blood. He followed the trail and found himself in a dark place, the ally was brightend by street lights, but the situation was what made his heart feel even colder. The human was in the arms of a level E. Its fangs were drawn and the women in his arms looked lifeless. Its couldnt have been from a bit, she must have fainted from fright. Chi pushed with his legs and jumped to gain speed, his claws aimed for the side of this atrocitys head. He exstending his arm as he hoped his claws would break its skull before its fangs broke skin. Ths inches turned to mintues as Chi felt fear for the first time in a long time, this fear was not his own, but the fear of this women Chi desperatly was trying to save. The sound of a scream mixed with the feeling of blood paralized the moment, Chi's vision turned white as his fingers embedded bone, a snap shot of the this moment would forever stay in Chi's prison of a mind.
Tanju Chi
Tanju Chi

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